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Thank you for visiting our cyberspace home. Pull up a chair and relax while
we tell you about our miracle twins and life with special needs children.

Photo GalleryPhoto Gallery, includes family portrait with family member personal pages, our wedding album, and new picture page.

TwinsIntroducing Eric and Aaron our twins who were born prematurely at 26 weeks gestation, or 3 1/2 months too soon.

Trach pageAaron's Tracheostomy Page Everything you wanted to know about tracheostomies, but were afraid to ask! Aaron's Laryngotracheoplasty! Aaron's tracheal reconstruction surgery.

Trach pageCerebral Palsy Resource Center

BarnEric's "Horsey" Barn Hippotherapy / Theraputic Horseback Riding

LibraryThe Bissell Library Inspirational articles and poems.

Our twins have appeared twice in Exceptional Parent Magazine! May, 1996; A Matter of Perspective by Cynthia Bissell and July 1997; Two Precious Gifts by Richard Bissell.

The Bissell's front page, feature story from the Sunday Worcester Telegram; Preemie Twins a Challenging Gift by Chris Sinacola, Telegram & Gazette Staff.

Silver RibbonSilver Ribbon Campaign For Awareness and Support of Children with disABILITIES

Ring Special Needs Web Ring:

This Ring Site is owned by Cynthia Bissell.
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